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Half Basswood commission slab

The Wood

Each wood burning is hand drawn onto the wood.

These basswood half slabs are hand cut from a full slab. They are around 10"-6.5" in size. Each slab will vary slightly in its rectangular shape, as well as grain and live edge.

The wood has a live edged bark, please note that rough handling may pull bark from main piece.

The Image

Your photo quality matters, a high resolution image impacts the outcome of a piece. Please avoid sending blurry /out of focus images.

What can Becky do? Buildings, Pet Portraits, Animals, Landscapes and People (to an extent). Unfortunately human faces is where Northern Flaree can not help. As long as a face is not seen (in a helmet/from behind) we are good to go!

Placing an Order

Follow the link at the bottom to complete a purchase form and to get more information on what is needed.If you still have questions, head over to the FAQ page.

Price: $299

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